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I started to teach Graphics in response to some of my students' desire to learn this discipline. I had always been interested in Graphics and decided to learn all I could to establish a successful A Level course. I read and researched lots and I became totally hooked! I greatly admire the amazing work of Craig Ward and love how he communicates such strong powerful messages through his typography. On this page you can view some of my students' A Level Graphic Communication work. My approach to Graphics is to start by exploring hand-made type and to use photography and digital media to manipulate the image. The work is in response to different briefs set by myself or the exam board. Graphic Design became a very popular option choice at GCSE and A Level and results were consistently excellent. Moderators have commented on the originality and inventiveness of the work. I have also included examples  of  designs and events invitations by Year 8 and letter designs created by Year 9 using watercolour techniques and ink.

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