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“  If at this stage you give children just facts, the bare facts of science and geography, then you are not really helping the growth and development that takes place in the child. They want the facts, but they must be linked in a way that satisfies the feelings - the fantasy - the poetry in the child”   Charles Kovacs

Throughout my career I have initiated and planned numerous collaborative projects. I enjoy working with others to plan and deliver a meaningful and relevant curriculum. In 2006, I did a Steiner Waldorf teacher training course through Emerson College, alongside my work as a full-time teacher in South-East London. I learnt that when children are emotionally connected to the subject matter, a love of learning is cultivated.  I have always sought ways to collaborate with other teachers as I believe that any subject is enlivened by infusing Art into the teaching.

I tested this pedagogical approach by designing a research project working mainly with the English and  Maths  departments. This page has some examples of the work that students made. I also wanted to try to address the disconnect that I observed between children and the natural world living in a city.

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